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Earl created this character and Steve wrote the bio.

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This is our first Off the Grid character created by Earl Estess.

Bio: John Dagert was born down in the Louisiana bayous in the year 1972, he grew up knowing the swamps and how to survive in the worst of situations. As soon as he graduated he joined the army 1990 and fought in Desert Storm a year later.

After serving two terms in Iraq, John came home and drove a lumber truck for a swamp logging operation back in Louisiana during the fall and winter months. During the off seasons months of Spring and summer he could be found tagging gators with his old man and brother in the back canals of the swamp. As Gator season is so short, during late spring and summer months, John would go shrimping on his uncle's boat for the rest of the off season. Seemed whatever John took to it was outdoors.

John could usually be found at Sal's Razor Back Bar & Grill during the off hours as there was nothing better than Sal's razor back ribs with a stiff jigger of Scotch.

A hard worker and a man of his word, but mix that with liquor and that could land him in a bit of trouble from time to time as he was never know to back down form a fight and at Sal's you could bet it was usually over a woman.

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