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Werwolf is really starting to shape up! Our AI makes GOAL oriented planning, just like in F.E.A.R. Check out the enemies you'll be facing!

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DEVLOG - 6/4/2017

Been working real hard for you, the gamers. After laboring away this whole past month to get the UI to a state we think might make the final cut, it was time to get cracking on the humanoid AI in the game.


Have you ever played F.E.A.R? We hope so and if not, then you are in for a treat anyway. F.E.A.R implemented something referred to as a GOAP (Goal Oriented Action Planning) or (Goal Oriented, for short) with its AI. Instead of giving one task to follow once seeing the enemy, it is given multiple choices that it can make such as flanking the character, taking cover, etc etc. These things can also be triggered by other team AI around them or perhaps sensing where a noise may be coming from. It's really smart stuff. We wanted our human AI to be a little more smart and less "beserker" as some of the more monster themed enemies. Does it play well? You bet and its even unpredictable at times. We still have some tinkering to go but at least it is there!


Not saying its the most unique you've seen but we did take some liberty in "colorizing" our human enemies. The base model we used for the screenshots you see below is actually a Russian soldier but with a little spruce and some iconic donning such as the stahlhelm... you could hardly tell. The enemies aren't meant to represent the true uniforms of the time just as the game is not meant to represent actual history and is 100% fictitious. However, you have to admit... they looks pretty cool, right?

Wehrmacht Soldier

Wehrmacht Soldier

SS Soldier

SS Soldier

SS Elite Stormtrooper

SS Trooper Official

Tell us what you think! Check out our other images and tell us what you'd like to see in a game like this! We still have some ways to go but with community support, it will make our efforts to bring you a well-rounded shooter experience all the more enlightening.
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