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Here some more new changes in-game! New models, new units and new concepts!

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Hello Everyone! I got more new stuff to be added in this mod! New units, models and some changes on weapons!


Here some Flame Throwers! This guys will burn anyone in their path. But be careful,they can kill friendly units and they are also only can attack at short distances so they'll be much a support unit.


Here comes the Snipers,not like Pathfinders they must shoot their enemies twice not like Pathfinders only once.And also,some changes happen to their weapons both Sniper and Pathfinder will take longer to reload their rifles.


Here comes the anti-armor infantries,the Tank Hunter,Javelin (Missile Defender) and the RPG Trooper. The Javelin and RPG Trooper got a new model.But both Tank Hunter,Javelin and RPG Trooper got some changes on their weapons.Damage has been increased but their fire rate had been decreased. They also no longer available to engage air units making them easy target by aircrafts.


And lastly, Stinger Soldiers.They can now be trained inside the GLA Barracks and just like the others
they got some new model and some changes in their weapons.They can only attack air units but their
damage has been increased but their fire rate had been decreased.And don't forget,they are vulnerable
against ground units.

Well,thats all for now,see you guys next time
and if you have some suggestion you can either
leave it in the comments or pm me.



Hope you nerf the USA anti-rocket lasers Paladins have or something, this change will make them infantry-proof.

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