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This is a bit of a follow-up to the last news article.

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Hey guys, Warman here.

By now you guys have probably seen most of the announcements and updates now. The reception has been great across the board, thank you all. I just uploaded the mostly finished English and Englsih Earldoms units onto the screenshot section, so check it out! Even if you've seen the Earldoms trailer check them out, they look very different now and better. I'd also like to confirm that the Earldoms are your vassals and have to support you as such.

Also I can't quite say how often we're going to be showing previews, we're trying to get more streamlined with how we do things. I will say that I will be posting screenshots from the Kingdom of Georgia's roster on here tomorrow since Ltd. happened to have them done at the same time as me and England. If you go to TWC you can see what's been there already btw. I myself have started to move on to the French nations, i.e France, Burgundy, Toulouse and Provence. I can't say when I'll have anything to show but i'll keep you posted.

Lastly I just wanted to say thank you all for your support and well wishes as we move forward to complete this thing! It means so much to me and my team and it keeps us going.

Anyways that's all for now!

- Warman


Sounds good, is there any scripting in place that stops the Earldoms from revolting too often? On the higher difficulties I can see that happening on the very first turns.

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All of this looks absolutely amazing and I certainly hope you'll extend this attention to detail to some of the other, less well-known factions like Poland, Hungary, Lithuania, etc. I would love to see similar political, unit, and recruitment systems implemented for those factions as well. England and France always get the most attention so it'd be nice to see some other factions expanded upon in a similar way :D.

Again, great job so far and thank you for all the work you're putting into this. Mods like Medieval Kingdoms: Total War and their modders are the only things that still give me hope for the future of the Total War series. All the best!

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