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This is the article about New Canon future, and the universe future too.

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Hello friends.

As you know, i organised the new canon of my own universe "Infinitas".

I must say, that i already finished 3 stories about my own world in the new style.

1. Unholy Lord

2. Unholy Prophet

3. Once upon a time.

And of course i finished 1st part of another story "The Greatest".

Now i don`t know, how to continue plots and thinking about it.

Maybe, new plots will be about something like zombie invasion, maybe about new alien threat.

But i must tell you about 2 absolute threats of my New Canon.

First threat have name Cerberum The Chaotic.

Second threat have name is Excelscior The Greatest.

In the 3rd story and in the story "The Greatest" you can see another enemies, but they are .... nothing compared with Excelscior and Cerberum The Chaotic.

Now i am thinking.... Like Julius Caesar.... Thinking and thinking about new plots.

as for old canon, as i said, its finished completely and there will not be stories about the old universe incarnation.

Thanks anyway for support

Regards Alex

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