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I have been correcting and altering some gameplay elements to have a more polished presentation of mechanics in the game. Fixing issues with character interactions is the most notable change to mechanics. In addition new graphical features have been included as well. These new features will be able to be played in an upcoming re-release of the pre-alpha build.

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Recently, with Tessellation Desolation, I have been working to improve the results of character to character interactions in-game. This led me to a mildly long overhaul to the collision system. The game now handles collisions between chains of characters in a given frame, basically a kinematic system is at work now. With this I will be able to recreate several scenarios I have in mind for fun and challenging levels that critically rely on bodies of characters to be able to interact with one another.

More than incorporating the kinematics, I have revised the model of force that characters exert on one another. The collisions between these characters are still more inelastic than elastic, but the overall results are less severe when a character is pushed. This does not actually make the game any easier. Once a larger force is encountered the character being pushed is still forced to obey the will of the other character, but the overall growth in the change in velocity to the character being pushed has been significantly reduced.

Other strong changes in character interactions will be observed. Fixes to the return from inhibited movement no longer results in a massive change in speed. Characters can stack better on top of one another. The range at which the triangle can defeat a foe by falling pointed end down is expanded, but may revert back to high precision in the future.

A few graphical changes will make it into the release as well. A variety of effects will be added into the level, as well as more objects. I streamlined some of the level handling by incorporating a smarter parsing procedure. This will make it easier to build levels for the final release, as well as open up the game to user created levels, eventually. Additionally I have unlocked the frame-rate and I will have a few resolutions available to pick from at boot from the console window.

Testing shaders for the new build:

Overall, I am referring to this new build as a re-release. This is mostly due to the fact that I will not actually be designing and testing a new level layout for this build. Additionally, there is not enough new structure to really call this the first "Alpha" build. The menus, and captions, and overall handling of assets is not quite where it needs to be to represent the full building path to the final game yet. So, this new build will have new graphical features and changes to the gameplay, particularly with character to character interactions, but it will be contained in the same level as the initial "Pre-Alpha" build.

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