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A new playtesting build of Demons with Shotguns has been pushed out which includes several improvements, new tarot cards and a new game mode, Capture the Soul!

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Looking for a local multiplayer game to play with some friends? Then you're in luck because I happen to have such a game, and I'm looking for feedback!

Unity Web Player

This build of Demons with Shotguns includes the addition of more tarot cards, improvements to the slow motion death effects, and most importantly a new game mode, Capture the Soul, a non-team based variant on the classic Capture the Flag.

This game is local multiplayer only, 2-4 players, so you will need at least one other person next to you to play. Ideally, use gamepads, but one player can use a keyboard if there are less than 4 controllers connected. I've only tested Xbox 360, PS3 and Ouya controllers, but most popular controllers should work.

How to Play

Controls for both gamepad and keyboard are listed at the bottom of the web player page.

Frag the other players and collect their souls. When a player has no souls remaining, they can no longer respawn. First player to capture 10 souls, or to drain all other players of their souls, wins.

Capture the Soul
Frag the other players to release a soul. Fight for control of the soul and bring it back to the sacrificial lion statue to earn a capture. There can only ever be one soul active in the game at any given time. First player to earn 5 captures wins.

Also, remember that in either game mode, you cannot move when shielded.

Once you've had the opportunity to play, please spare the quick minute and fill out the Google Form to give your feedback.

Thank you and have fun!

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