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While currently unfinished, the new bookmark called "Gathering Storm" (nice HOI4 reference lol) is set in 2015, where tensions around the world rise again and challenge the UN since the end of the Cold War.

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As announced in June 2021, the Modern Age Mod 2.2 will introduce the game's third bookmark which is to be set 15 years after the "Dawn of the New Millennium" scenario. The official name of the new bookmark is "Gathering Storm". Today, a pre-release file containing the bookmark has been made available to the public to check and review the new bookmark. However there are some inaccuracies with the territories still present such as Crimea still in Ukraine when it was annexed in 2014 or there is no ISIS while it began to rise in 2013 and peaked in 2014.

Europe in the year 2015 (unfinished)

With all due explanation about my unfortunate absence from ModDB (because of school mostly) I will try to focus on this 2.2 update mod again but I only have one month of break left so, it will still be partially finished. Under these circumstances the 2.2 update will likely come out in 2023 so don't expect anything during the next spring this year.

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