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many new block types have been added along with new textures, also information about what I'm working on next. Here's a list of everything:

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here's the lists: (recommended to have a tab open looking at the new images on this indieDb page)

Block types

  • Rocket - fires horizontally and can kill the player
  • Rocks - breakable but only by a rocket
  • switch - can be used to active other blocks
  • Spike ball - there is 2 types, one is rotating and the other gets pulled up by a draw bridge and slams into the ground. This is an instant death if hit.
  • Spikes block - spikes can now be above and below the block
  • Door - can be opened by a switch but only for a limited time
  • Rotating platform - you can jump on these to bring you further through levels and can be mixed up for instance jumping from a clockwise rotating block to an anticlockwise one.
  • Disappearing block - if the player stands on this block it disappears and reappears in a couple of seconds


  • Backgrounds - now are re-textured but not finished yet, now each depth of the backgrounds move slower is far away to give the feel of a 3D background. The hills randomly pick 1 of the several hill images so that the background always looks fresh.
  • horizontal Moving platform - now has an animation and looks like a jet powered flying platform
  • General blocks - I've been getting better at making textures so the blocks have got an awful lot better than the original images of this game.

Working on

  • (unconfirmed) Enemies - I'm going to try and make some enemies which can work on all levels rather than just have a single boss type enemy.
  • Sounds - basically so if the player is nearer something the player can hear it better
  • Cut scenes - (unconfirmed)
  • More block textures
  • Menus
  • Double jump animation - front flip
  • Death animations - multiple death animations depending on how the player dies
  • Door animation - there is none at the moment
  • Disappearing animation - for the block type

The Random events update will be coming sometime next weeks so make sure to follow in case you miss it.

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