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New BFME Shellmap featuring Osgiliath for BFME I, compatible with 1.06.

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Buongiorno Edmundos and happy new year! I have been steadily going through one of my old hard drives that I haven't used in an age, during this process I have been periodically saving anything that's not total and utter crap. I recently came across one of my very earliest maps that I presumed I had lost all copies of when my old laptop died. It was a shellmap of Osgiliath with an arseload of camera angles, however the scripting and very map itself were indeed rough, so I've quickly tarted it up and uploaded it to T3A for anybody to have free of permission.

Downloadable in 'Addons' Section or T3A.


Woah! You've done a really good job. It must have taken a huge amount of hours.

And thanks that gave me a couple ideas to use in a ruined city map, if I ever make one again.
Happy New Year to you too.

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kingfudgington Author

Thanks, I'm glad you like it! When the download becomes active in the addons section have a look at it in worldbuilder to see it in more useful detail, and feel free to copy over aspects to your own map if you want.

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This is very good.
PS:Can you fix shadow.

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