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Afternoon readers. Today is probably a good day for all the fans as this news update comes to you with me on the verge of releasing a new TK beta. The beta should be uploaded in a few days as theres just a few little tweaks left to do. Once thats done work will crack on with the all.spawn.

Changes / fixes

- NPC textures and faces edited. This gives a much nicer more realistic look to them.
- Edited mutant textures, again, just so they look more realistic and disturbing.
- Gameplay tweaks
- AI tweaks
- Tweaked "random traitors" aspect.
- Edited some more general textures just to make them look nicer.
- Edited ammunition. AP rounds actually have a great premium to their use now. Instead of it taking about half a mag to down a fairly heavily armoured foe, AP rounds will drop them in about 5.

Its recommended to start a new game with this new beta, although previous gamesaves will work.

To be finished

- Mutant all.spawn spawns (still..)
- Bullet ballistics to be slightly corrected (less "spray" from rifles and so on)

Recommended specs

TK is not for the lightweight PC. This is whats recommended in order to play with EVERYTHING as you see it in my screenshots. In other words, totally maxed out and then some.

CPU: A64 2.8GHz, intel P4 3.8GHz or better
RAM: 2x1GB PC6400
GPU: Overclocked HD3870 512MB
Resolution: 1280*1024
- Latest versions of DirectX and graphics drivers

CPU: Athlon 64 X2 2.8GHz, Intel Core 2 Duo or better
RAM: 2x2GB PC8000
GPU: Overclocked HD4830 512MB or better
Resolution: 1680*1050
- Latest versions of DirectX and graphics drivers

Notes; The included user.ltx file in the zip archive is set to a default resolution of 1680*1050. Just change it to 1280*1024 if you're a non widescreen gamer.

IMPORTANT REMINDER: Remember, all the visual details seen are NOT just with changes made to files in the gamedata folder but are also heavily based on changes to the user.ltx file.


Sounds nice, can't wait to try the new beta.

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ketxxx Author

I'll try to get around to releasing it soon, been busy lately and had to leave the zone :(

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Well I guess my 1.6 GHz Dual Core E-350 with 2 GB of RAM and AMD Radeon HD 6310 256 MB laptop won't cut it XD

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