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Apart from a bunch of bugfixes and little improvements. There are two new features in the next version of my mod: the in-game Cheat Console and the new and improved weapons.

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The 0.2 Beta

You can download the next version here. This is a beta version, so there is a small number of known issues and not everything on the feature list works already.

The Cheat Console

The main additon is the cheat console. I'm not a big fan of cheating, but my mod is very much about giving the game more variety and removing artificial restrictions. I want to enable you to play the game in your own personal way. An in-game cheat console is a natural extension of that. If there's a certain style e.g., you like so much, that you absolutely must have it right away and not when my mod would gives you the chance to learn it, that's cool. The choice is all yours.

What's not so cool is, to use the savegame editor to manipulate the game. There is a considerable number of variables on which my mod relies, that the savegame editor does not set. If you do use it, you risk breaking my mod - even crashing the game.

With the cheat console you can grant yourself new styles, change your appearance, adjust your chance to get style points in combat, acquire certain rare items, and more...

The New and Improved Weapons

Almost all of the weapon styles were modified in the new version. I wrote a completely new weapon upgrade system and in the process I changed all the weapon models and their advancement stats. The biggest changes I made to the Staff. It is almost a brand new style now. It used to be rather defensive and weak against multiple opponents. Not any more. Watch for yourself:

The staff also has gotten a third upgrade: Tien's Justice.

The role of the best defensive style falls to the spear now:

The spear, too, has a new upgrade: the Halberd.



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