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New beta and demo builds to fix item duplication and crafting issues.

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Yep! Another new build! I've just uploaded beta 0.957b and demo 0.957d. There were still a few annoying item-related bugs left from the stacking overhaul, and this build aims to fix them. The changes include:

  • Fixed a bug that caused degraded items to stay in place, generating debris infinitely (e.g. endless rags).
  • Fixed quick recipe bug that caused missing ingredients to be accepted.
  • Fixed a bug that caused duplicated items in crafting.
  • Fixed a bug that caused recipes and newspapers to randomize in crafting and save/load.
  • Fixed a bug that caused Jar of Screaming Eyes to be missing in Flash build.
  • Removed extra neck and ring slots, and made remaining ones allow stacked items.

Hopefully, that should stabilize gameplay enough for the weekend to be a bit safer. No drowning in rags, or extra branches/boiled water, etc.

As always, if anything else pops up or seems to be broken, let me know. And thanks for your patience with these changes!

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