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Discover the new, improved asteroids of Drovoid and how they impact mining!

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Improved Asteroids! Not only do they look better, but they make mining early in the game much more interesting! Now asteroids come in different flavors, and besides a new, improved look they also have different qualities. Better quality means that they can be mined more efficiently.

For instance, a 'gray' asteroid will only give you 10% of the mining speed of a regular 'brown' asteroids, while the golden asteroids will give you a large speed up (and also have much larger quantities of ore). The idea is that when mining manually you want to be smart and target the best spots, while automated ships will do brute force mining and mine whatever is there. It will take time, but ... it is automated!

The video below will explain this more (and also show you some larger mining ships).

Also, I would like to mention the release date. I am still planing to release The Arena in April (this will be a non-playable engine test, see also this news), but the game will likely take a bit more time (depending on the outcome of the engine test, in particular). So I switched the date to TBD instead of entering a postponing cycle. I'll work hard to release the game around May, but I want to be sure it is as good as possible before that, even if it is an alpha release with a small price tag.

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