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Alpha 2 is now available for download. Lots of new features and many previous bugs should be fixed now.

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Alpha 2 changes:

- Support for MCGA, Tandy and PCJR-graphics. (Most likely won't work.)
- Special handling for non-wrapping 32k video buffers.
- Save/Load game system.
- Improved scoring.
- New levels.
- Push buttons, doors, growing pathways.
- Some enemy behavior tweaks.
- More reliable spawner system.
- Cleaned up redundant/stupid use of stack from assembly routines.
- Keyboard state save (caps, num, scroll) should work now.
- Shoot / Jump keys changed to Z / X.
- Cheat keys: (Q = full health, E = complete all levels)

Be careful when testing this on actual hardware, especially if you try to use the command-line video detection overrides. If the game detects a video adapter you don't have, then it's better not to run it in case you're using a CRT monitor.

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