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A new Alien movie from the director of District 9 and Chappie

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A new Alien movie coming out taking place between Alien one and two, from the director of District 9 and a new movie called Chapie. Now I saw some concept art and a script of a Aliens movie he was working on before Prometheus one came out, and it looked amazing. showed some kind of giant warehouse with artificial habitat, a derelict space craft and of course Xenomorphs. Also there was a screen shot of Ripley and Hicks post Aliens time line. they where older and scarred up and looking more bad ass then ever. I,m thinking they where some kind of clones. Hicks had the scar on his face from the film Aliens. So this new film taking place before Aliens from another great director, I,m finnaly excited to see a actual come back of the Alien.


Its not set between Alien and Aliens.
Its set after Aliens.

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actually the Aliens midboot(replacing Alien 3)was canceled and now a new project from Blomkhomp has started taking place between Alien and Aliens

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