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the new Alien Trooper skins,weapons. (By Scorpion)

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The new trooper are sometimes heavy.
The withe trooper called >Snowtrooper< is like the silver scout. They are only in snow maps.
The green Troopers have 2 classes. Class one is the Gaurdian (Crysis Warhead). Class to are the Protectors. They are the >Snipers< of the Aliens. They have a special moac as weapon.
The yellow trooper called >Sidegarts< are the Special-Troopers. They have a light Elecric-Plasma-Cannon.
The orange Troopers Called >Recon trooper< see the Player EVER. They Have a Microwavecannons as Weapon.
The Red troopers called >Destroyer< are the heaviest trooper. They use Bombs and Laser to kill their enemys.
The purple trooper called >Small devil< or >Baby Devil< have Flamethrowers to burn down their enemys.

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