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Hello everyone, next year is close to end and iam back with new release beta. There is so much to tell, so lets get start.

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Here i will write whats new:
1) Mod is standalone and works at engine x64
2) More weapons with better animations and new systems ( zooming scopes, 3d scopes etc)
3) Many levels were edited and recompiled with x64 compiler to get better quality
4) Some new systems were added
5) new models

INSTALL ( read carefully)

1) extract game folder to your for example desktop
2) go to bin_x64 and look for file xrEngine here
3) make a shortcut for this file at desktop
4) launch game only with this desktop, game wont work with original xrEngine in bin
5) in main menu, set graphic enhanced dynamic lighting or DX 10 or DX 11 version as you can see at the picture here:

ss herni 12 25 19 10 36 46 main

4) after it click at Advanced and scroll down and set that lines like at the picture:

ss herni 12 25 19 10 37 08 main

field of view and hud fow are need for correct weapon zoom
tonemap is for a bit of darker places, wheres no sun ( like in real)

be careful with edit line texture mips removal, if you change it game will looks blur, ideal is 0

shader map iam using 4096x4096

Here are some known bugs:

some dogs and pseudodogs are black ( it looks at engine bug for now)
kruglov at rostok dont want to walk from his place after finish dialog ( just save and load and he will go)
some levels can have some black places, that levels werent recompiled ( it will take many hours ), after i will have them ready, i will upload them to mega
if game crashs near undeground pass in pripyat, just save and load ( shoc pripyat has many problems in vanilla, i will try to fix as many as I can
some levels are +- empty, i need to check if they work correctly and overal quality is good for add NPC etc

Here are some tips for game:

1) watch your gun condition, if it will be low, dont shoot and go to bar or sidor to fix it, if you shoot with it, it will blow in your hands and you will get injured

2) be carefull at enemies with greanede launcher, whey will use it

3) if you get too close to enemy, he will hit you by stock or knife

4) if you hear bloodsucker, be careful, he can get total invisible and attack you unseen

This is very important beta and please if you find problems, dont be shy to write me about it, i need that for fix and future work or if you have ideas whatyou want to have in it or what can be better, write me too

Link for mod will be available next day here at moddb, so please wait for it.


Thanks, that is really a great christmas present, merry christmas btw.

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Some bugs, I'm using 1600x900 resolution and some Icons are missing, for example the leather jacket doesn't align with the Inventory, same for the pseudodog tail, AK74u with the pkp scope has an incredible amount of zoom, I think npcs drop way too much ammo, I left Cordon with 600 45x39 rounds, maybe the speed of the player is way too high for some players, however I liked this way, because helps to go through the mod quickly. I got a strange bug with the sound, it sounds like echo in Garbage, I don't know if is my pc or the mod. Also, maybe the bandages and medkit animations are too short, other bugs... Graphical bugs with the new props in the map, trees aren't casting shadows, godrays can't detect them at times, some npcs can go through them. Despite of this I really dig the new additions to the maps, feels totally like a new game :) please, keep developing this mod, it can be a really great mod!

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Update, forget about the echo bug, I had Eax enabled XDDD other bugs I remember, stashes in Cordon are empty, bandits don't drop the correct ammunition for their sawn off shotguns.

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Some crashes, when there are bandits at the entrance of the bar and you kill them, also when entering X-18 due poltergeist glass.ogf couldn't be founded

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killerstalker Author

thanks, that weapons are in WIP for fix and improve, about icons i know and i will fix them in next update, about too much ammo i will reduce em. About echo, i want put echo into some levels, but for now dont use EAX, i know NPC and mutants can go through new item, new Ai map to fix it is in development together with new level pack etc. can you send me photo of taht trees where arent shadows and godrays ?

and if you can send me log file for bandits and missing glass

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Hi, sorry but I deleted the mod to make space in my HDD :( but I was arriving from Garbage when some bandtis appeared near the entrance of the Bar, they were fighting dogs, if you killed them, a crash to desktop occured, for the missing glass I can't recall, maybe it has to do with a mutant drop which is found con poltergeist? It just crashed as soon as you entered the map.

And about the trees, are those that are behind the ATP in Cordon.

Btw, nights look awesome!

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He means this bug:

Fatal Error

Line: 117
Description: Can't find model file

The problem was that the file in the folder "monster_items" is named "poltergeist_glas.ogf". So there is just an "s" missing. If you rename it to "poltergeist_glass.ogf" the problem is fixed and you can enter the x-18.

Thanks for the mod. I like it very much! Great work! It runs quite stable and there are only rarely crashes for me. But these are mostly random errors, that something was spawned wrong, etc. Most of the time it helps to simply reload the game.

An example of such a random error:

Fatal Error
Function: CScriptGameObject::bone_position

Line: 347
Description : model doesn't have bone bip01_spine1 for section

One question at the end: The storyline is the vanilla version, correct? You have added some extra levels. Are they somehow connected to the storyline or are they meant for freeplay?

So that was it from me for now. Keep up the great work. :)

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killerstalker Author

thank you, i idiot forgot to rename that model, thanks i will include it to another fix

thar errors with spawn will be fixed after i finish my own map pack, this Stalker map pack have this problems, if you can take a look if this errors with bone are only with monsters, which name are same like files in gamedata/config/creatures

levels are connected to game, but for now are +- freeplay for test overal quality etc and after it i will make a story for them too

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