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The last build (a.0.1) went live 10 days ago, and we made a new one now.

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Here is the change log of the new version:

  • Added NPC: a coach in the gym with two options - sparring fight and training with hand pads.
    Added location: a bar backyard.
  • Added NPC in the bar backyard with a fight option.
  • Added a new music theme.
  • New characteristics bars in pre-fight interface for better understanding of a fight mechanics.
  • Mood and global health added. Many balance tweaks followed.
  • New object: TV. Increases your mood.
  • New graphics: t-shirt animations for walking outside home / gym.
  • No more "no food and no money" deadlock (you can find a burger in a trash can.
  • Gym: a small punch bag added.
  • Gym: a vendor machine added for instant food purchasing. New items: chocolate bar and protein bar.
  • Tutorial slightly changed.
  • League opponents slight re-balancing.
  • UI tweaks of some dialogs, some new graphics.
  • Character movement speed slightly increased.
  • Fixed fight: not falling down with zero HP.
  • Fixed fight: sometimes animations played wrong (f.e. dodge animation skipped sometimes, etc.)
  • Other fight animation fixes.

  • You can purchase the game at our site to try it now:

    Stay tuned for the latest news!

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