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The new vb1.6 update is uploaded. You need the full vb1.5 to use it. There is also a new full version for 1.6 (if you don't have the mod updated to 1.5)

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There is now an update for v1.6 and a full version (if you don't have the mod updated to 1.5) for v1.6

Just check the downloads section for both (remember you need v1.5 for the update).

To Install, just unzip the folder and/or files into your Company of Heroes folder in program files.

For the 1.6 full version, check the "readmore" for shortcut installation

Someone wrote: v1.6 Changelog

Bugs :

Fixed all call ins

Fixed a bug with destroyed HQ call ins

Fixed bug where 50th ID Capt squad couldn't call in heavy arty

Fixed texture bugs with dead 82nd AB and wrecked Maultier

Fixed/adjusted some regiments/divisions squad names for accuracy

Gameplay additions, changes :

After research, added a Jagdpanther to PzLehr

Gave Stuka bomber ability to 2.PzD, moved heavier railway arty to 12.SS, and removed V1 (just not histoical as far as combat)

Gave 91.LID the FW-190 ability (a little better than stuka - different skin)

Allowed starting builders to repair buildings and bridges

Adjusted grenades, mines, and AT grenades (stickies, nades, mag bombs)

Adjusted mine camo some (to vanilla values)

Adjusted demo charges and other explosives

Art, Sounds additions :

Added new sounds

Added new banners in doctrine selection with screen (with proper divisional insignias)

Added new icons for most of US Inf and some UK inf (hopefully a lot more in next update)

Added new symbols for US 1st ID (many more will be done in next update)

Added MANY new skins (I guesstimate around 50) - some entirely new, some old skins with proper division insignias

It's about 2.75 more megs of goodness :)

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