Im been very busy now because of studies and my laptop broke so im using new laptop because I didnt back up it on usb .. :-( But before that.. I have an update!

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Because I'm busy and not having an upload of the game.. I want to know all of you that this mod will release on January 2017, I think

But before that some factions have new buildings.

USA X General : ---------
USA Superweapon General : New model of laser turret
USA Assault General : New model of ion cannon
USA Helicopter General : New defense helicopter turret

China X General : Gatling and napalm turret
China Infantry General : Adv. Gatling Cannon
China Artillery General : Tank BunkerChina

China Flame General : EMP missile silo

GLA X General : Adv. Stinger site

GLA toxin General : -------

GLA Salvaged General : Quad tunnel network

GLA Dictator : ------

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