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Neo Axis 1.0 has just been released and we want to help spread the word.

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Neo Axis 1.0 has just been released to the public.. 1.0 features a huge amount of bug fixes, and new kinds of features.. As you may, or may not know, Neo Axis is the engine we currently use for this project. It is the game's lifeblood so to speak.. And we are proud to help announce the release of version 1.0.

Here is a Snippet from the information about the Release.

NeoAxis Engine 1.0 Beta Released

11 May, 2011

NeoAxis Group Ltd today unveiled NeoAxis 1.0, the newest version of its NeoAxis Game Engine. Previously only available on PCs, NeoAxis is now adding support for Apple Mac OS X, NeoAxis Game Engine 1.0 delivers to game developers a familiar and rich experience in game design that meets the needs of independent developers as well as companies in this new age of development.

The newest version of the platform offers driverless support of PhysX 2.8.4.
This allows developer to utilize all PhysX features the presence of the
PhysX system software on the end-user’s machine. Due to the refactoring
of some core/internal systems, the loading time in NeoAxis 1.0 has been
significantly improved. NeoAxis 1.0 also comes with improved COLLADA support resulting in a better support for third party tools such as Autodesk Softimage and Blender. Support was also added for Autodesk 3dsMax 2012.

You can get more Information from the link above.
Now on to another part we would like to speak about. We currently have added Assault Knights to 8-bit funding. The game currently has it's own page on this site below.

What is 8-bit funding you might Ask? Here is a small rundown about what the site actually is for..

1. What is 8-Bit Funding? 8-Bit Funding is a crowd funding website dedicated to game developers and gaming enthusiasts.

The idea is pretty simple: as a project creator you'll register an account and create a new project. You'll include a bang-up video explaining why people should help contribute to your project. In return for contributions you'll also supply various "perks" that users can earn should they contribute a specific amount.

2. How does 8-Bit Funding work? Anybody can create an account. From there, if you decide you want to be a contributor, you can browse the various gaming-related projects and contribute to them as you see fit acquiring various perks along the way. As a creator, you can start a new project to raise funds. Everything is run through PayPal making 8-Bit Funding an international website.

3. Why does 8-Bit Funding exist? 8-Bit Funding was created as a way to help fund gaming initiatives. While sites like Kickstarter and IndieGoGo have pioneered the crowdfunding initiative, 8-Bit Funding was created due to each's lack of appeal amongst the game industry. Basically, neither site promotes gaming projects very often, or very well. As a gaming-centric crowdfunding website, project creators are free to market in terms that are familiar to other gamers, not the general consumer.

4. What type of projects are allowed? 8-Bit funding is exclusively for gaming related projects. Game development, gaming websites, game-related projects. Anything that has to do with the video/board/card game induustry is allowed on 8-Bit Funding.

5. Does it cost anything?

Creating a project and account is 100% free and always will be. For projects that meet their funding goals a 5% fee will be taken from the top. Should a project only reach half way to their project we will then take a 10% fee.

6. What are the exact fees associated with 8-Bit Funding?

As contributors fund your project, a specific fee will be charged on each transaction by PayPal. This fee is 2.9% + $0.30.

After said PayPal fee, we will charge our own fee of 5% for successful projects. Our own fees come out AFTER the PayPal fees have already been taken.

So if you would like to help this project grow into something better then what it is now. And help support
other game developers like myself, and other people or need funding for your own project, I would say to go there and help out people like you and me. The site is very good and seems to have alot of supporters.. If you want to help support this project, please go to the site link here..

As said earlier before are trying to raise money for our project, and hope that this will get us there. We currently need the 10,000 dollars to pay for stuff that is needed for the game, like new models, and other expenses.

You can also donate Directly to the Assault Knights project here..
Assault Knight Donations

Anyway now then. Next news post I will be showing off alot of the new stuff being currently added to the game, along with the all new weapon stats too.. Plus showing off what Neo Axis 1.0 can do. Remember you can also get information about Neo Axis, and download the game engine from the main Neo Axis website here..

You can also visit our forums here.
Thank you very much.

Night Hawk

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