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Sorry for the big delay Thanks for everyone's help with the Purifier and Icons

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Sorry for the big delay

Thanks for everyone's help with the Purifier and Icons


For now I think about doing the following changes to the iconsUnpack/Repack icons had been changed to the following units:

Rig unpack button, Rig bb

Battle Base repack button (will show the RIG's icon with Blue/Red/Purple depend on the army)
All Scrins's MCVs and ConYards unpack and repack buttons, Scrin mcv

All Nod MCVs and ConYards unpack and repack buttons, Nod mcv

GDI's MCVs and ConYards will be Left with the classic C&C unpack and repack buttons (for now at least) 1

As for the Purifier and blue flame upgrade I've made the following changes (for now since I most likely will change it after I will release the first version of the mod and read your balance commits):

Purifying Flame cost increased to 2500

Purifier's Blue flame damage decreased from 750 to 400

Avatar's, Purifier's, and Redeemer's, inconsistent Flamethrower ('stop/shoot/stop' when firing) Will now have 0 reload time, that means that even through they weak they won't stop shoot unless they far away or you will order them too :D

It will result in killing small structures such as power plants in about 3-5 secs and take around 10-12 secs to kill big structures such as MCVs with blue flame
while stop showing the annoying "flame stopping each second while firing" animation.

As for slowing the Purifier... I tried it and it made it look too slow and heavy even though it's robotic model look slimmer, and it result in making it look "out of place" as if it living in it own plant xD

I fixed a bug where the MOK Tib Troopers didn't were able to slow down NODs walkers (Purifiers, avatar) so now if you MOK you have high chances to slow these beats out before they will arrive at your base



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