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So, I encounter some small issue in regard to the Zone Juggernaut, don't get me wrong though, it 98% finished but I have some small esthetics/balance issue here

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So, I encounter some small issue in regard to the Zone Juggernaut, don't get me wrong though, it 98% finished but I have some small esthetics/balance issue here:

If you played my mod you probably notice I love to make things less broken as possible almost as if they were part of the game to begin with.

With little Zone Juggy however I found myself hit some wall...

The Zone Juggernaut design is a bit different from the other juggers and thanks to it's "Horns" It keep look funny when it come out of the way factory when it in Sane Juggernaut's size (Note all pics here are undated!):

CNC4 Juggernaut Render

2 3

This size however have the perfect height for the Juggy

3 2

Making it smaller in one centimeter will make it look a bit better from the war factory but the Bigger cannon on the left will still pop up and I don't have skills to animate it to move down when the juggy come out from the war factory.

Here how the juggy look with less one centimeter (Note all pics here are undated!):

1 3

4 1

Not that bad actually but may look a bit off for walker lovers and the cannon in the left still pop up from the WF.

However it look alright with any size if it come out from the MARV facility, which lead me to the question:

Would you want the Zone juggy to be trainable only from the Marv facility?

Looking on it from balance prospective it actually sound alright as it something that orignally not was supposed to be at the ZOCOM's arsenal, making it costlier, weaker, and limited from being spammed, sound alright, but on the other hand There's No any other unit in the entire KW's expension that needed the Epic's units facilities (aside the epic units dah) in order to be build, it look a bit uncanon and unofficial and may be just uneeded idea that came from smaller esthetics issue that we can live with (The smaller size not that bad after all).

Since I have hard time decide on it I thought I will ask the community to see what they will prefer:

1. Let it come from both War factory and MARV facility, the smaller size is really not that big of a deal and the left cannon is sub object anyway!




2. It look unofficial, give it the size every Juggernaut deserve and let it come out only from the MARV's facility, it more balanced anyway.

You can also answer it here:


It's perfectly justified imo, I think unofficial 1.02+ patch did something similar with Steel Talon EMP grenades, as EMP is an essential asset against epics and they were the ones to lack it the most, so they did get it but researching it required tech center.

In this case, endgame artillery is also just as essential, so making the unit accessible for the faction but putting it into the very final structure you unlock seems reasonable.

Also lore-wise can be justified by ZOCOM being hesitant to use heavy artillery due to dangers of red zones they operate in hence it's more rare and limited in their arsenal, or due to their high mobility promoting combat doctrine clashing with cumbersome and clumsy walkers, which has led to them being delegated a more niche, specialized role.

Though, if I was you, I'd rather NOT nerf these, just raise price and make them more late-game and that's it.

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2 but if so make all artillery come from the same building type

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you can make the juggernaut smaller to fit into the design. if it is not meant to replace the classic juggernaut, make it to come out only from the marv facility

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I vote option 2, Limit it to the MARV....

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2 for sure. id rather have an original sized juggernaut that i have to wait slightly longer to get than having it look awkward coming out of a war factory

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Well I am looking forward to that Zone Juggernaut gameplay video.

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My number is 2.

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I don´t have skills whatsoever...
But before 1996 I was stuck with it 24/7..
Then life, schools etc caught up...

What about the Juggy gets thrown out in bits ´n pieces...
and picks/builds itself back togheter??

The idea comes from a C64-game..
(But if you stay with as it looks now, It´s already 100% thumbs up!)

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