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As people request I added the Mastadon to the game and replace the Marv for ST

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As People requested I added the Mastadon

CNC4 Mastodon Render

the Steel Talon's MARV was replaced by the Mastodon, the Mastodon will have more speed, more health, and a bit more fire power then the MARV

It can also garrison 4 squads which is fit for Steel Talons because they all about railguns and garrison, and can be use with Railgun Accelerator since it use railguns (I sort of mix with the rail gun and the sonic effect because the railgun alone looked lame)

The Mastodon will Destroy whatever factory it came out from due to it's size (and to cover up it unfit animation since it too big for the factory)

I must to admit that I had my thought about adding C&C4 Tank (not inf) to the game since he was buggy~ but I done the best I could to make it look good and less buggy in the game (if it was too buggy I would've remove it long ago)

cnc3ep1 2015 05 26 04 49 12 33

And as for the Cyborg Commando, I tried to add it and failed, But I still trying to add it somehow but not promise anything at this point xD

I always can just take one of nod Cyborgs and make it with red skin and shot obelisk laser but I guess that most people won't want it since it look like cheat edit unit~

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