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Im making a hl2 mod, i need help. Its gonna be a lot of it.

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Ok, im making a mod. Its called City 08.I need help making it. Comment your email and what you can help out with.


NPC Dialogue




Ill give you the short version. (HL2:EP2 Minor spoilers) (this is a alt timeline, so no fukkin hate yall bitches)

Ok. Gordon has died trying to protect White Forest, and without Gordon's help, White Forest is destroyed by Combine forces. The Rebel leaders have been sent to (half-destroyed after HL2) Nova Prospekt. All rebels have been sent to City 08, a.k.a. "Death Zone" to get executed. You are one of them, and you have to get through City 08 to find a time machine and keep Gordon from dying.


Please help.

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