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After a while of struggling through the basic code to run Clive, I've come to the conclusion I cannot go it alone. As you can see I managed to get (some probably very sloppy) code done, enough to get a game prototype done. I have the whole game pretty much planned out, and although thus far I am doing everything, bar the music, alone it's still going quite well. The scripting side of it is a major thorn in my side however.

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So, this is a plea, if anyone out there is willing to go out on a limb and join the 2 man team (for free), it would really mean this project could take off.

The dream of the whole thing would be to eventually sell the finished game, so although I'm talking about working for free, I would offer 15% of overall profit, whatever it may be, to anyone willing to code the game from what I have now till the games completion.

Anyone who is interested please feel free to comment and apply!

The second piece of news is that I'm working with a musician, who has agreed to write original music for the entire game, feel free to visit his website here

and look out for a new video with the first piece of the soundtrack soon.

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