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Looking for talent can sometimes be hard you know.

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For those who may not know, our project is actually open source and I figure now would be a good time. Right now we're having issues with sorting spaghetti code and it's causing issues for us. We're putting the word out to anyone with some free time to stop by and see if they can help us with some issue fixes.

This is our github page. Now this isn't where the main issues lay. It'd be here

We keep the repos separate till things get put in working order before committing it to the primary repo. As it stands now we've hit a bit of a snag, a lot of it concerning spy. There was an attempt made to fix up some spaghetti code but in the process spy's cloak meter was removed from his hud somehow as was the submodels for the spy masks. We're still at a loss as a lot of TF2's code doesn't seem to want to function thanks to the tacked on extras left over by the git we've forked from. These two issues are what keep v3 at bay primarily. We also need help sorting

*Spy cloak not refilling from dispensers

*Spy disguise not updating with proper health values as well as name of person being disguised as

*Payload (HUD, cart collision)

Since vintage uses code from TF2 as it's base the entire project is in C++ and compiled in Visual Studio 2013. If you feel up to it feel free to grab a copy of the Z'Gok repo and try and help, we'd more than appreciate it.


Sorry to hear that, we may have some people on SMC who can help you get your code fixed.

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TF2Vintage Author

well let us know. Again this is a passion project so it'd all be done for a grand total of a "thank you".

If they feel up to it link em to the git

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