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The final push towards completion is here, read about is and finally the complete list of added features. Also a nice surprise for everyone.

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Hello everyone. It's been a while, so lets get to business.

First of all- I want to appologise for the delay, unfortunately you can't be prepared for everything, and a last minute energy weapon system I wanted to put backfired a bit. Took me 2 days to fix the sucker, but everything is working properly now. My new release date is 20-th of May. Anyway, enough excuses. Following is the list of features:

The most important thing in my oppinion. Story, background and atmosphere. I give you three home grown maps, all integrated into the original Doom 3 game. Using emails, lost pdas and simply trying to emulate the original atmosphere, I think I got close to making those levels look as close to the original as possible. That being said. The three levels represent as follows:

--- A UAC virtual reality sand-box/tutorial level, where you can check all available combinations of classes, implants etc.

--- An introduction map, before the original game. This level will let you choose your class and implant.

--- Mars City Utility, a part of the facility not seen in the original game, where the player arrives after an accident, before going to the Underground, therefore before the invansion. On this map yoou will be able to choose your augment and tool.

You can now pick up most items you see in the world. Thanks to BloodRayne's Gravity Gun for that. In this mod I am using a heavily modified version of his code, allowing you to utilise a Half-Life2 style 'use' feature.
Pressing the 'use' button in front of an enemy will make your character perform an almost instant melee attack on the enemy in front of you.
Pressing the 'use' button without an enemy or a moveable in front of you will grant you access to your character screen where you can see information on your character.

You can choose one of three military classes:

--- The Heavy Weapons Support Class:
+ Favourite weapons- the pistol and chaingun.
+ Can carry double pistol, shotgun and chaingun ammo.
+ Has very strong melee attack.
- Has slower walking speed.

--- The Military Engineering Class:
+ Favourite weapons- the Shotgun.
+ Has two tools, one is allways grenades.
+ Can carry more shotgun ammo and junk.
+ Has normal melee attack.
- Has less stamina.

--- The Special Operations Class:
+ Favourite weapons- the Plasmagun and BFG.
+ Has two implants, one is allways recharge.
+ Can carry more energy.
+ Has NO melee attack.
- Has slower stamina regeneration.

You can choose one of three implants.

--- Armor Repair Implant
+ Repairs some of your armor at the expence of energy. Uses the same energy as the plasmagun and BFG.

--- Stim Pack Implant
+ Regenerates stamina at the expence of energy and health. Damages you, and uses the same energy as the plasmagun and BFG.

--- Recharge Implant
+ Regenerates energy at the expence of health. Damages you, and replenishes the same energy that the implants, plasmagun and BFG use.

You can choose one of three augments.

--- Defence Augment
+ Increases the ammount of protection your armor provides, but slows your walking speed.

--- Running Augment
+ Increases your running speed, but decreases your stamina.

--- Jumping Augment
+ Increases your jumping height, but decreases your stamina regeneration.

You can choose one of four tools.
--- Grenades
+ While not exactly a tool, this weapon takes up one tool slot, and new grenades are constantly generated at the expence of junk.

--- Pistol Ammo Generating Tool
+ Generates a magazine of pistol ammo at the expence of junk.

--- Shield Tool
+ Generates a shield around you, while you hold attack.

--- Megahealth Tool
+ Sets your health to 200 at the expence of junk.

Your weapons will behave differently depending on your class. Some of them also have different fire modes, or special traits.

--- Pistol
+ Two fire modes: full-auto and semi-auto. Has a flashlight.

--- Shotgun
+ Two fire modes: full-auto and pump-action.

--- Chaingun
+ No fire modes.

--- Plasmagun
+ Indicates heat buildup in your HUD. Does not need to be reloaded, but will prompt reload animation if you overheat the weapon. Uses energy.

--- BFG
+ Holding the trigger untill indicator is red results in a special attack when released. Does not need to be reloaded, but will prompt reload animation after the special attack. Uses energy.

--- Chainsaw
+ Collecting more weapons of this type will increase the damage it does.

Most items you encounter in the game will behave in a different way. As a start most of these items will be moveable. Some of them you will be able to collect for junk, which you can later use with tools. Foods, soda cans, gizmos, boxes and much more.
Zombie enemies will also drop a tool box full of goodies like ammo and/or energy/junk.
There is also ammo used to upgrade your augments, which will give you some kind of a bonus like replenish your stamina or add to your armor.

And there we go with the surprise I mentioned in the begining.
Thanks to Sikkpin, a very nice person indeed, you can see all of this with a nice bloom, depth of field, motion blur and filmgrain special effects. Ultimately giving you yet another reason to replay Doom 3.

There we go folks. And, no, this is not nearly half the things I worked on for the last months, but the rest are small potatoes, and are not worth mentioning.

Cheers. Slav.

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