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The free release of the promotional demo, Fluxxle, is to help build popularity to further the development of the game. As the game nears release; We aim to cover further developmental plans as well as what is intended for what time periods.

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The development of Fluxxle finally nears a point where we deem it necessary to get community feedback on how to build the game better. Of course the game has many features planned for further release and development, the game at its current state is relatively fun and has a fascinating gameplay element to it.

Current Intended Features

Fluxxle in its current state has enemies that spawn randomly on linear paths. The player interacts with the character by tapping the screen; and it launches it in the opposite direction. Enemies will spawn in various sizes; however larger enemies will move slower. Whenever the player starts the game he will be greeted with a customization feature; the ability to edit the character's color. As the player edits the color; he/she will also be able to store presets for more ease of access in keeping colors he/she likes.

Planned Features for Future Development

For future development we have all sorts of goodies planned to make the game better. The game will remain free; however advertisements will be added in future development to help support the team so we can continue producing games. We really aim to roll out updates in a seamless fashion to allow players the fullest experience of the game. Some things that players should be expecting include:

  • Vast Powerup System-Containing 19 different powerups that are easy to manage and fun to explore!
  • Permanent Upgrades-Get upgrades that will not just help your current character, but every character you ever play, making the game easier and more fun!
  • Unique Backgrounds-Instead of the same fractalized full-spectrum spiral, the player can explore many features.
  • iOS-Support- iOS support is in current development; however due to circumstances iOS support is currently in a TBD state of release.

Thanks for your support!

Sincerely ~ Patchwork Studios

P.S. Here are some Gifs the demonstrate the game in action.

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