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We are excited to announce the launch of Patch 1.21 and our Steam Greenlight Campaign.

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NCG-19: Gravitus on Steam Greenlight

Now On Steam Greenlight

Cubic Timeline Productions has launched the Steam Greenlight campaign for NCG-19: Gravitus. Hot on the heels of our Kickstarter we have launched a major bug fix patch for NCG-19: Gravitus. The latest patch is already available from our website and lays some final groundwork for opening up additional game mechanics to the full player base. If you want to check out an early release version of NCG-19: Gravitus download it now and start playing. If you do we would love to hear about your experience and we can be contacted through our community forums. Even if early access isn't your thing consider voting for us on Steam Greenlight or supporting us on Kickstarter to help support the full version.

Check us out on Kickstarter

We have posted our first update to our Kickstarter and also want to thank all of our backers so far. If you are thinking about backing our project but have some questions or concerns or even you just have some input to give us on either of our campaigns we encourage you to contact us. We can be reached through our forum or via email at

Patch Notes


  • We have improved the graphical quality and implemented new UI visual assets on the login screen.Updated Title Screen
  • Users may now access the registration page from the game client.
  • Improved model textures of ships.
  • Implemented updated particle system for engines.
  • When an update is required a link is now provided by the client.

Beta & Kickstarter Screenshots
Bug Fixes

  • We have fixed an issue where power core amounts were not debited properly.
  • We have corrected issue with late tier technologies being inaccessible.
  • We have fixed a possible crash bug regarding ship deletion.
  • Planet data now updates at a more frequent interval and colonies now appear when created without logout.
  • Further client server lag reductions.
  • Login failure now results in a notice to the user.
  • Star map Icons now display correctly and update at regular frequency.
  • Star systems are no longer visually duplicated when scrolling quickly.
  • Captains now are correctly killed when their ship is destroyed.
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