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A preview on the next patch planned for CE, adding naval units.

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Though naval combat had a rather low popularity in Red Dragon, I will try to make it enjoyable in Crimean Escalation, as it will be especially important for the campaigns to be added later. The next patch will be all about naval.

Navies in Crimean Escalation will be coalition based, so each coalition (or nation, in case of the US and Russia) will have it's own naval units, and can't use the naval units of others. The only exception might be CSTO, as their naval force would probably not be very useful. Each naval force will consist of destroyers, frigates, fast attack craft, helicopters, planes and coastal artillery, if the coalition has it.

Some general things about naval combat will be changed. For example, CIWS will have a lower range. This will make such guns only usefull for defending the ship which they are mouted on and not a whole fleet. SAMs will make up the biggest layer of the defence network a ship has. To make them more effective, SAM systems on destroyers will have two firing channels. One will be for aircraft, and one for missiles. That prevent SAMs to fokus on an evacing jet while the missiles race towards the ship, or the other way around. The new system allows ships to enage both the aircraft and the missile at the same time.

Also, some ships will carry cruise missiles that can attack land targets. Like the cruise missiles added in the last patch, they will be interceptable. Other new elements include boats that carry infantry, like the Riverine Command Boat (aka CB90), or the Russian A-222 Bereg coastal defence gun.

Apart from gameplay changes, the new patch will bring an often requested technical feature: a proper uninstaller for an easy removal of the mod. After the patch is released, I will finally start working on the other new nations.

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