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Some spooky happenings on the wide ocean as well as some new features in Nauticalith!

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This week we made some real progress adding in features, that means more new islands, more control with holdable objects, and obstacles spawning in the great blue yonder.


First and foremost we have added some new islands, the most prominent of which is a Spooky run down church. This church has some mysterious objects inside that beg to be explored and raise questions about what really goes on in that building. This island is a step towards adding a richer back story to the world of Nauticalith, waiting to be explored.


Another thing we've added this week is the spawning of floating objects in the world. this means when you are traversing the great ocean you will have obstacles in the way. For now the objects are just logs and bottles however the goal is for the bottles to be readable messages sent from previous explorers.


Finally we have added some new mechanics to holding objects allowing you to throw objects you are holding and turn on and off the lantern to save your fuel.

Check back next week for another update on our progress!

-Logan @zStinkLoser

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