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Afraid of the dark? Having trouble seeing that wheel of cheese in the middle of the night? Fear not! With our newest addition of equipable lanterns all of your problems have been solved!

Lantern at Night

Dark buildings and creepy caves are much easier to navigate now. (^:

Although, there is one drawback to using your personal lantern. As long as you keep the lantern lit, its fuel source is constantly depleted. In order to refill your stock, you have to find other fuel sources throughout the world and siphon that sweet, sweet liquid fire.

Lanterns and Fuel

Here's what it looks like when you're prompted to interact with a lantern at the moment. You can light and put out the lanterns you find in your travels without having to pick them up, but keep in mind that they also have their own limited fuel supplies. Alternatively, you can siphon the fuel in the lantern, or even add some of your own fuel back in.

Lanterns and Fuel

The yellow gauge on the left indicates the current amount of fuel you have available. The amount of fuel each lantern throughout the world contains is randomized as well, so if you're low on fuel and are desperate for another source, you can't necessarily count on the first lantern you come across to be the hero you need.

Check back in next week for more Nauticalith updates!

- Collin (@am_bull)

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