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The scenic views are real! Check out our new day/night cycle!

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Happy holidays everyone!

It's the giving season and we've got a surprise for you. Check out the new day/night cycle!


We attached a light to the in game clock that changes color/position based on the current time. It adds a lot to the game's atmosphere and brings new life to stuff like the clouds and alcoves. This picture is what it looks around 3:00 pm in game.


Here's another screenshot showing what the moonlight looks like. That bed looks a little more enticing with the moonlight shining on it.


This one was taken at about 11:00 am in-game time. The morning light has some warmth in it which brings out some of the vibrancy in the trees and grass.

Hopefully we'll be able to pack some more cool features into this system to try to get the player be more conscious of the time of day, weather, etc. Thanks for checking us out and stop by soon for more updates!

- Collin

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