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New UI features, equipment and more! Check out this week's devlog!

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The past week has been pretty busy for us as we work towards making a playable build of Nauticalith for Playcrafting Boston's Winter Expo. We've been spending the majority of that time hunting down and removing all the bugs we can find, though we still have found time to put in a few new features.

First off, we added a feature that allows the player to swap equipment between their inventory and equipment bar.

Pre-Alpha Screenshots

As you can see in the picture above, the lantern has been moved into the bag, and can simply be swapped back into the action bar.

Another cool feature we added is a tool tip display for the inventory and equipment bars.

Pre-Alpha Screenshots

The tool tip pops up as you scroll over the item and displays important details about it. (Notice some of the fancy new UI).

Last but not least, we have two new pieces of equipment.

The compass:

Pre-Alpha Screenshots

And the fishing rod:

Pre-Alpha Screenshots

While the compass is fully functioning, the fishing rod does not yet have any action associated with it. Hopefully, we'll be able to change that soon.

Check back next week for more Nauticalith updates!

-Collin (@am_bull)

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