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Nauticalith is a procedurally-generated endless ocean exploration and survival game now in development! Brought to you by the devs at Glass Knuckle Games.

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Nauticalith was originally created in just one week for both the 7DFPS and Procjam. The main focus of the game is to explore an infinite, procedurally-generated ocean. Most of the game is spent either sailing in your boat or exploring islands on foot. The player can travel forever in any direction and never reach a boundary, effectively making the world limitless.

Game jam Title screen

If you would like to try the original game jam build in your browser, check it out here. Alternatively, you can download desktop builds of the same version here.

Game jam screenshot

Besides simply exploring an infinitely-generated ocean, the player must deal with the onset of hunger and stamina. Food and sleep are essential to survival. This makes exploring islands have a greater purpose. Scavenging for food, supplies, and a place to sleep will help keep the player in good condition. On the other hand, neglecting these factors will lead to an early death. The game highlights this by featuring permanent death. Upon dying, the entire world is regenerated from scratch. Lifespan and score are recorded, previously collected supplies are lost, and the player begins anew in a completely different ocean.

Game jam screenshot

Sailing is a key feature that allows the player to traverse the ocean rapidly. Given the importance of this element in the game, we've made sure to pay special attention to the overall "feel" of sailing. The player is not simply driving a vehicle like in most games. The boat is your most valuable possession, allowing easy traversal of the ocean and even providing a spot to sleep in tough situations. Wind has a large effect on both the direction and control of your boat. It's not impossible to go against the wind in your sailboat, but it will fight you every inch of your journey. Sometimes it's best to just sail wherever the wind blows, especially if you need to get somewhere fast.

Game jam screenshot

The developers behind the game are: Dave Gedarovich (Art, AI, Design), Logan Thomas (Code and QA), and Collin Hern (Code and QA). We plan on updating with devlogs fairly often, be sure check back soon for more!

Glass Knuckle Games has produced countless titles over the past few years, including Noir Syndrome and Thief Town. We have a history of successful releases developing the games we'd always wanted to play ourselves. Community feedback has always been big for us, so reach out anytime!

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