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  • Diplomacy Preferences rolled into new presentation based on Jartleon's work
  • Deathcam (two new camera modes), follower mode and free mouse cam
  • Horse scattering/culling in field battles
  • Lords will upgrading equipment quality, hire mercenaries from towns, and upgrade centers (on medium change mode)
  • Tavern NPCs have preference in destination and most can't move freely during sieges
  • Travellers will have more accurate information regarding fellow tavern NPCs
  • Companions can accrue renown from battles, diplomatic missions, and upon completion of tasks where they have the highest skill within the party (building siege tower for example) and 10 per week while serving as minister
  • Upon becoming enfeoffed, companions won't ditch their existing equipment (unless they suck, in which case they'll receive a standard set of lance/horse/heraldic armor & shield)
  • Cattle can be set to accompany the player party (if there are less cattle than members), and buying them contributes the gold to the village elder
  • Option to ransom lord instead of going through buggy rescue (or send your companion to do the dirty work), see additional dialog options to read about alternatives {in progress}
  • Alternative options to complete the fugitive hunt quest
  • Food now has a chance to not rot immediately based on amount consumed and player's inventory management
  • Additional morality objections from companions for flavor
  • Cost for buying relation from tavernkeeper adjusted to account for faction standing
  • Lords that hate the player can sequester enterprises in their towns and appropriate any profit
  • Sell prisoners in the garrison directly (from the Constable)
  • Ability to hire better trainers from the Constable (based on faction's quality policy) to train troops of level 6/9/11/13/15 (up from 6/10 before). Proximity to training grounds will also yield more troops being trained.
  • Training peasants will add recruits to the village garrison upon completion
  • Allows hiring deserter parties (at the expense of renown)
  • Center reinforcements can now spawn from its villages instead of being added directly to garrison
  • Some tweaks to starting merchant quest (not worth starting a new game for)
  • Allows cancellation of improvements in centers at expense of relations
  • Notification and logging of construction projects in center notes
  • Option to name your court as the capital from the minister, resulting in RTR (and signficant penalty if the court is lost)
  • Option to rename parties and companions
  • Kingdom colour (and heraldic banner background) can be adjusted from a presentation
  • Diplomacy policy sliders have been adjusted to affect the cost of new features
  • Additional morality objections from companions for flavour
  • Presentation to export/import companions and reselect banners and view background info
  • Option to enslave villagers as prisoner instead of plundering/razing villages to the ground
  • Raiding villages will cause quests given by the elder to be aborted
  • Recent village raiding parties will be reported by the village elder
  • Finishing sieges and recovering villages will spawn looters, some fixes/culls for looters
  • Village improvements give additional garrison troops (watch tower and messenger post)
  • Villager farmers and kingdom caravans drop off prisoners in towns at high gold change
  • Villager farmers sell off items in the elder's inventory at towns at medium gold change
  • Re-enabled some character starting options
  • Can now arrange to talk to merchants instead of directly selling (doesn't do anything extra for Native), useful for other mods
  • Recruiters can be ordered to head back and drop off troops or hand them directly to you when talked to
  • Members of your court can be filtered by asking the guards at the door
  • A bunch of debug/cheat options, don't be surprised if it breaks your game. In some menus these can be activated by holding shift before clicking on options.

OSP Used In the mods


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where to download it?

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