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Napoleon Order of War, the mod created by Marshal Beale has announced that we will hopefully be releasing an expansion for this mod based on the French Revolution

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Napoleon Order of War Expansion Proposal

Hey, I have decided to create an expansion for Napoleon Order of War, set during the Revolutionary Wars of France, it would begin in 1789 and last right through to 1799, when Napoleon was titled as the First Consulate and France was run by the Consulate.

Basically, the main Campaign which is currently Napoleon's Campiagn would become "Revolutionary Campaign" where you play as the French Republicans, starting off with one region, and your goal would be to take all of France before 1792, and then defeat Prussia, Austria, Russia, and Britain before 1799. All French regions would be owned by the French Kingdom. And basically you take it off from there. In the campaigns of the Coalition, you would have to play as Britain, Austria, Russia, or Prussia, trying to defeat the French republic by 1799, or take over Europe.

All the uniforms would have to be set back to what they where like in 1789, I can most of the retexturing myself, all the models we need are already there. Flags are easy to change, and then the rest is which I will need help with will be names of royality, generals.

But now on to the recruiting and what needs to be done.

-I can't edit startpos, and I really need a good startpos editor, willing to dedicate themselves to getting this done first. You need to be able to change dates, historical events, regions, tech trees etc...

-Text editing, I need someone that can change the Emperors and Kings and other Heads of State, names of Generals, and can do other loc editing, like unit names!

-Textures, I need someone to help me change and create new textures, I can edit textures, I can't add textures (yet, I might learn), so I can do most of that.

-Research, no persific person, just post uniforms and pictures on this thread. All research like historical events, pictures, flags will always be welcome!

And the things that need to be done!
-Change start positions of armies, what is in the armies, who owns what regions, Royal France will own all of France, starting time will be 1789, end time will be 1799.

Localisation editing
-Campaigns renamed, units, generals and HoS's names all changed to 1789 rulers and units.

Statistics and Values:
-AI changed to do tactics of the very late 18th century
-French Republic's army has bigger numbers, less training, big moral, but very innacurate.
-All units renamed to the names of the 1790's
-Unit stat changes to suit 1790's
-Tech tree edits, will have to be researched!

UI changes
-New UI in battle, campaign, menu, etc...

Unit changes
-varients changed, most units will be wearing bicorns from 1790's era
-textures all redone by me, and anyone that is also qualified for top quality retextures!

So, now I want to start recruiting, but first I was a startpos editor, to start while I finish the first full release of NOW!

For full information go here:

General Beale

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