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v1.1 of NOW has been released. So far a great release, and looking forward to your comments!

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See here for all the latest info and download of v1.1:

Napoleon Order of War v1.1 Download

Ok, I'm not the best poster, I like to keep it short and sweet.

Ok, so with version 1.1, there has been a naval overhaul added, Sharp so generously proposed to add his naval overhaul "Grand Fleet" to NOW. Now naval battles should be a lot more immesly intresting, with lots of new destruction panels, 22 new boats, and a whole new wind control system, boats being slower, so less micromanagement is required, so its not a clickfest anymore!
But for full details on what is included in the naval overhaul see here

Ok, nothing really new in v1.1 from v1.05, this version is basically to fix all the bugs that were in 1.05. So the brown texture issue is fixed, so is whilst playing the CotC as Britain and you went broke after 2 turns, thats been fixed. Also, so has the CTD in battles, thats also fixed. These were the things I stayed up many late nights for 2 weeks, having millions of cups of coffee. And I am very proud that I finally fixed it all, any issues now should be due to vanilla!

Ok, so now your wondering what was in the older versions. Ok, so...

Most factions have been unlocked for custom battles and MP battles, not just the major factions
Huge amount of stat work has been done for every unit. Balancing through the roof, so things like unit limits, ammo, musket range and velocity, accuracy, etc...
Units now fire by line of sight, which is basically the first two rows, but this is fully hisotically. And it helps gameplay a lot! Muskets are now range affected, the further the bullet travels, the less accurate it is!

Unit sizes are now:

Line Infantry - 240
Light Infantry - 180
Skirmishes - 140
Heavy Cavalry - 80
Light Cavalry - 60
Artillery - 40

There are some minor exceptions to these.

The Whiff of Sulfur mod is also included in NOW, this makes the smoke effects unbelievably realistic.
A lot of retexturing has been done to France, thanks to the guidence of Lord Mongsworth, the textures in NOW are second to none.

The campaign AI is now much more historical, but also even more likely to have their own ambitions. Their governments will start off by not building units, but rather they will start of with building their economy, allowing them to be big and nasty when the time comes.

In battle, the AI is much more formal, they will no longer form huge blogs, and then charge with melee, melee is now out the window. The will line up parralell against your troops, and always trying to outflank you in some way. This will cause for some really intresting battle.
Victory is not guarnteed!

The moral system has changed to, with a curve affect, their moral will rise as they start to win campaigns, but towards later campaign, their moral will start to drop, because they start to miss their families, they have been fighting for longer, their losing their comrades, etc... so I thought naturally, they will lose moral in later campaigns, but not as low as they started with.

More info soon....

i think there should be 80 light cavalry and 60 heavy cavalry ad it makes it alot more balenced

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