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NanoMod 1.1.1 update. Fixes for the 1.1.0 HDTP update and general bugs.

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NanoMod HDTP Support

NanoMod 1.1.1 update. Fixes for the 1.1.0 HDTP update and general bugs.

NanoMod v1.1.0

[1.1.1 Changes]
* Fixed a bug where the Double Carrying Cap setting was not always applying to some items.
* The game wouldn't let you pick up an item with multiple copies (Lockpicks, etc) if that would exceed your carrying cap. Fixed so it functions just like ammo: if you're not at the maximum capacity and the amount picked up would exceed that capacity, it's picked up and set to maximum capacity.
This is only really evident in Mission 5, when you're in the Armory getting your items back.
* With HDTP installed and Character Models disabled, Walton Simons' hologram had a mask it wasn't supposed to. This was corrected.
* Human Civilians are no longer eligible for random weapon mods or alternate ammo distribution.
* I nerfed the Target Aug a little too hard before, considering its power drain. Its accuracy gain is now a little bit higher per level.
* I accidentally enabled a white box where the Targeting Aug window should be when there is no video feed. Fixed so it will only show up with the actual video feed.
* Corrected Shifter's fix for Lamps that are lit by default to work properly.
* Corrected loot handling of unique Prototype Swords. Unique items should never be purged.
* Fixed a certain case where when looting bodies, the game would notify you that you got ammo when you already had a maximum amount of it.

[1.1.0 Changes]
* Merged Shifter 1.9RC1 (MODDB). This includes all of the support for HDTP (MODDB) done by Shifter's author, Y|yukichigai. As with Shifter, HDTP is not required, but the correct installation and use of HDTP with Shifter and NanoMod is in the included Shifter's Readme file.
* Two new settings controlling some aspects of HDTP: HDTP Weapon Models and HDTP Human Models. Weapons by default are enabled, but Human models are not. These settings only show up if you have HDTP installed. Everything else is automatically enabled.
* Fixed Plasma Rifle firing sound.
* Blast Radius and Damage of the Plasma Bolt were corrected to their intended single-player values (as was done in Shifter).
* Auto Turrets and Security cameras should now fully ignore you if you have Thermoptic Camo on (Not in Shifter release notes either).
* It seems the GEP Gun's first person view is fine in HDTP, so the Gep Gun/LAW fix applies only to LAW when that setting is enabled with HDTP Weapons.
* Prevented the LAW FOV Fix from affecting the iLAW unique weapon.
* When looting randomly distributed alternate ammo from bodies, now the amount picked up will be from 1 to whatever's higher: 4 or half of pickup amount.
Previously, the maximum was just half of the normal pickup amount. This change is only really affecting alternate ammo that has very low default pickup ammounts, like Darts. Normal ammo from weapons remains unchanged: from 1 to half of normal pickup.
* When the 20mm HE ammo is loaded, its "low ammo" color now only kicks in if its count is below 5.
* With Shifter preventing accidental slaughter of cleaner bots and cats, the joke setting for invincible cats has gone back to being a console command.

[Changes to Shifter 1.9RC1 during the merge]
* Fixed HDTP placed LAM textures.
* Fixed HDTP Opened Book textures.
* This fix also by effect enabled HDTP DataCubes.
* Fixed the enormous explosion decal sizes.
* Disabled HDTP Burning Barrels. They looked really out of place.
* Disabled the HDTP Sawed-Off Shotgun. The original is superior in every way.
* Made iLAW use the original Assault Shotgun model as before, regardless of HDTP settings. It is more fitting this way.
* Changed Zooming in with the Targeting Aug so it won't draw the HDTP scope.
* I did not fix the "bug" where the Received Items window was showing your total amounts. This is a fully functioning feature of this mod since 1.0.
* Shifter has a feature where it shows you the amount of ammo you get from ammo and weapons with two lines. I found this feature to be a little too spammy and really unnecessary, and instead, the log now shows how much of random ammo was picked up when looting bodies, since the Received Items window shows your total amount.
* Random Container Inventory was not included. I might add it in later, if I can think of a more interesting inventory for them.

Other changes in Shifter were merged as they were. For a full list of changes please see here (MODDB) or the included Shifter Readme.

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