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Nali Weapons II Final won't be released so soon, but it's not stopped. Due to a mega sized mod development related to Nali Weapons, the final version will have many enhancements, bug fixes and some more features. Read the full news for more details.

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That's right, this mod is a true success (not as big as Chaos UT or Unreal 4 Ever, but yet this mod is known almost at the same level as those), and I trully THANK YOU for that. :D

The latest version (Nali Weapons II X) made many people finally enjoy the weapons after so many enhancements, bug fixes and specially a huge performance boost, both client and server side. Yet, they still have some bugs, and they can be optimized and enhanced visually, and that's why Nali Weapons II X wasn't claimed final.

However, for the ones that have been following its development, I have special, yet sad news about the Nali Weapons II Final.
You see, as only a few knew before, the true essence and objective that lead to the development of such mod was the fact I was working actually in a Single Player special campaign with a special story (at least to me), yet related to Nali, Skaarj, etc, and Unreal in general (like a sequel but with a real totally new story relative to the Unreal universe we all know), and this mod was actually the first step.

But, until now, I developed this mod thinking 80% of the time on multiplayer support and special Monster Hunt support, because I wanted to know the first impressions people had from my work and learn with that (and I learned a lot with criticism and tips, and so the resulting Nali Weapons II X version), and happilly for me enough people liked them (I don't say most because I also know there are plenty of people don't still don't like it, still I read what they say and I try to improve), and so I will really go forward with my mega project.

Between many features my SP project will have (and already has), the 3 biggest ones are:
- Nali Weapons II Final Single Player Special Edition (a special edition from the weapons to use only in Single Player oriented maps)
- Vehicles (+30 different vehicles, between tanks, jeeps, helis, hovers, jets, boats, subs, stationary turrets, specials, etc, and with a good AI and performance enough for wars and vehicle based missions, and for different races (Nali, Human, Skaarj and Mercs))
- In a last moment I decided to not use anything that could run only in Windows (so the mod could be played in Linux and Mac as well once released), like MP3/OGG support and particles/wheather, and therefore I will try to use the best quality umx I can make and I already have a fast way to make the same wheather/particle effects in UScript only and special custom meshes.

And my objective in all this is also making a Final Multiplayer version of Nali Weapons II but with almost all the same enhancements and performance as the Nali Weapons II Final SPSE, like:
- Explosions, flames and electrical effects enhancements
- Enhanced skins
- Weapons skinning overlayering (only for weapons with "bright" parts, such as Bolt Rifle, Flame Tracker, etc)
- Some effects change to best
- Gameplay fixes (as some physics fixes in some weapons)
- Extreme enhancements and changes to the current nuclear explosions (I really mean extreme ones)
- Some performance boosts (if I can)
- Obviously bug fixes
- The missiles will really have a full makeover regarding smoke, visuals and trails
- Environment dynamics (specially with the nuclear weapons)
- Other enhancements/changes types

However, I will only work in the Final SPSE version (and therefore in the multiplayer version at the same time) AFTER I finish the vehicle pack (coding, modelling, skinning, sound editing, etc). I already have 2 perfectly functional jeeps, and I almost finished the first tank (fixed the remaining bugs of the treads this morning).
The base vehicle code was already done (thanks to .:..: for developing the basic physics as VehiclePhys (which is now called XVehicles due to the amount of changes done to the system), and for giving me the source when he stopped developing them), but I am enhancing and fixing it, from performance tweaks, to huge physics enhancements and further support for more custom coding in new vehicles (so the vehicles can feel more like vehicles).
So only once I finish those, I will proceed to the final version of this mod (which might be only by 2010).

For the ones who have been expecting a new version for some months, Sorry and Thank You for your support.

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