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New update to Naferia's Reign. Some changes include near items and a new 'freezing' weather system, among many other changes.

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=SINCE 5.18=

+ Characters: Bubsy's "Loki Mask" form, and both Ami and Minako's "Balanced Forms" now drain EP when in use to balance out the bonuses given by those forms.
+ Equippables: "Yin-Yang Orb" added.
+ Equippables: "Energy Incurment" added.
+ Equippables: "Serpent Helmet" added.
+ Equippables: "Medic Bag" added.
+ Equippables: "Snake Armband" added.
+ Equippables: "Twilight Cape" added.
+ Equippables: "Iron Rune" added.
+ Equippables: "Gemstone Crown" added.
+ Equippables: "Hockey Mask" added.
+ Gems: New "Gem" system. Occasionally, enemies will dropped Gemmed-Rings of silver or gold types. These items are sellable at various shops for money. Gold Ring sell for more than their Silver counter parts. There are eight types of gems: Zircon, Aquamarine, Turquoise, Emerald, Garnet, Ruby, Citrine and Diamond. EX: Gold Diamond Rings sell for $350,000 each, while Silver Zircon Rings sell for $200 each.
+ Bugfix: The Revised Speed system did not original take holding down the "Running" button while in Walk mode into account, and caused the player to tilt angles when moving at angles in general. It is accounted for now and works properly again. "Angel Eyes/Somagu" is to thank for pointing this out as well. :P
+ Bugfix: Buying Speed Bonuses in Shops did not give you the same increases as grabbing one as an actual item. In fact, for some of the naturally speedier characters, buying speed bonuses from Shops actually slightly DECREASED their speed due to this. Thanks to "Angel Eyes/Somagu" for pointing this out to me. XD
+ Item/Inventory System: All the inventory-storable items in the game have been moved into a simplified array set that will cut down on used vars and allow me to add more items in the future without worry of running out of room. >.>
+ Enemies: Enemies now have mortal-hit survivability rates like characters/players. When a monster survives an otherwise killing blow, they will flicker with invulnerablity [like in various games] for 1.5 seconds before you can try to damage/kill them again.
+ Damage Displays: A indicator of Critical hits now appears above an actor or player's damage displays when such is dealt, and will also give details to what type of critical was inflicted [Normal, Super, Mega or Giga].
+ Players: Players/Characters can now deal themselves critical hits via explosive weapons or anything with a hit-radius.
+ Enemies: Enemies can now inflict critical hits on players/characters and each other with their attacks.
+ ???????????: ?????? ?? ????
+ Sectors: 'Slippery' Sectors from DukePlus now available. Also, I got it that you won't slide when standing on objects that are standing in a slippery sector.
+ Balance: Resurrection Chalice no longer restores 100% HP to a revived character [except on Skill 0]. The amount is now dependant on Skill level [100%/(Skill+1)].
+ Graphics: Rank Star icons are updated for monsters, etc now.
+ Other: Sorted out Debugging Vars.
+ Shops: Item Descriptions from the In-Game Menus are displayed in shops instead of extra clutter in the item's name.
+ Freezing Environments: "FREEZING_EXTENSION" actor added. See above section for how-to-use.
+ Freezing Environments: FIRE, FIRE2, BURNING, BURNING2, FIREVASE, FIREBARREL, STEAM, CEILINGSTEAM, FLOORFLAME all increase players and actors' WARM meters when within range, like a real source of heat would. Also, getting hit by various explosions, expander waves, lasers, and etc also increase the target's WARM meter somewhat.
+ Freezing Environments: Actors [monsters, NPCs] are now under the affect of "Freezing Environments" like players.
+ Moderate Bugfix: Fixed a somewhat long and persistant [but rarely seen] bug with BOSS1, BOSS2 and BOSS3 where they would never die from fatal hits of drowning, falling and various other types of non-player/non-actor-related damage [which if not fixed would've also included freezing damage as well].
+ First Aid Panels: Minako's +50% health-benefit bonus effect now works with First Aid Panels.
+ Pickups: "Winter Clothes" added to give extra protection from freezing environments [below]. Winter Clothes additionally slow down the character about 15-20%, reduce jumping strength slightly, and give great resistance to ice-elemental attacks from any attacking player or monster. Winter Clothes deteriorate when the wearer is hit by attacks of enough damage. The less of the clothing left, the faster the character gets, but the more vulnerable they become to freezing environments and ice elemental attacks again.
+ Displays: WARM and COZY meters pop up to represent freezing meters in freezing environments [WARM meter] and intact-ness of Winter Clothing [COZY].
+ Weather System: 'Freezing Environment' feature added. This is unique to NR specfically and is supposed to simulate really cold areas in the game where you can potentially freeze to death due to extremes. It works in that the 'intensity' of the freezing affects how often you'll take freezing damage [and eventually die if you don't watch your health], and that being in or underwater when in a freezing area is even more damaging. Also, a system for Winter Clothes is in the works which will come to make a set of items each character can find to temporarily shield them from most of the freezing conditions.
+ Weather System: New sound for very heavy rain levels.
+ Weather System: Snow and Rain will fizzle and make sounds when landing on heated surfaces like lava.
+ New Feature: Imported over DukePlus's weather system as I had been hinting at for some time. This means rain and snow effects right now. Any additions or improvments I make will be mentioned in seperate notes above this one. :P
+ Bugfix: Characters not in use now have their Current AP checked all the time to make sure they can't have >0% AB when they have 0 AP, or <10% AB when above 0 AP.
+ Major Bugfix: Recoded a bunch of stuff related to the attached objects for actors [lifebars, rank-star, etc] which before had been causing a major bug for months which messed up sprite and sector listings in the engine, causing sprites to freeze in mid-air randomly and in general also probably contributed to a ton of NR's past stability problems and crashes. This is fixed and I have played an entire run through the original four episodes just a bit ago with no problems occuring, and two other beta testers have also reported no more problems in this area.
+ Bugfix: Character with 'buff' skills can no longer give buffs to dead characters. :P
+ Character Voices: Ted now has a voice actor and his 18 standard one-liners are now in the game. Thanks to "The Mighty Bison" for applying to be Ted's voice. :P

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