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I started implementing the Steam Workshop integration for Assembly RTS, a real-time strategy game that will let you customize your own vehicles.

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Welcome back to this week's devlog for Assembly RTS - Unleash Your Forces -

a real time strategy game which will let you customize your own vehicles.

Main Capsule 010

Last Friday, I created some new music in my free time. This already sounds a lot more what I had in mind originally, after being inspired by this game's trailer.

I'm getting more and more confident, that I could create a soundtrack that will fit my game much better than all the licensed music I've been using.

You can listen to the new track here.

vlc pt9EiO2ZB0

On Saturday, I uploaded the latest stable version of Assembly RTS to Steam.
I asked myself, what else I needed to think of before I will make builds available to playtesters.

So I took some time to check software licenses and document them. Next, I configured a code obfuscator. It's now impossible to read decompiled code of my game.

On Sunday, I started integrating some cloud shadows into Assembly RTS.
This was met with a lot of difficulties, and after another day I gave up on this feature, for now.
Cloud shadows will have to wait for another day.

vlc Lhbug7NZK5

On Tuesday, I fixed a data corruption problem, and implemented the functionality of adding spawn points in the real time level editor.

On Wednesday, I modified the textures of the RTS building components I bought a while back, to make them fit with the artstyle of my custom made vehicles.
I even upscaled a texture with AI, so that it is more consistent with the overall texture resolution visible in the game.

vlc nngGrSQr6C

On Thursday, I started implementing loading custom maps at runtime, and started working on steam workshop integration. It's now possible to upload player created levels to the workshop.

vlc OTVvCvwF91

That's all for this week's devlog. What do you think of this new chronological format?
Let me know in the comments section.

I'll open up a Discord server for Assembly RTS once we reach 500 subscribers on YouTube.
I think this will serve as a great forum for suggestions and new ideas, so that we can shape the future of Assembly RTS together.

Thanks for reading, and see you for the next devlog for Assembly RTS.

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