Read content list, basically, i'm still trying to decide on what's you guys'd prefer in it, though your opinion isn't going to determine the majority of what's inclusive to the mod, it helps very much.

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So, callsigns are finished, as of now, i'm trying to improve them.

~unofficial changelog

--commando will stay
--shotguns remain primaries
--camos are out
--proficiencies are in
--shotguns might not include red-dot (haven't decided as of yet, maybe you guys can give me your opinions in the desc)
--i'm not really sure about ghosts guns anymore, due to high space being used by them, again, give me your opinions.
--spas 12 and some other guns will by default will include a grip, because you know, noobs need that extra bit of help.

A little side note: no gl because no, and SMGs wont include ACOG.

~changelog 2

For the alpha, there probably will only be the default killstreaks, so don't expect a chopper-gunner if you kill your opponent 11 times..

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