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Magic is categorized into three categories, Technomagic, Herbology, and Ether. Each one of these is useful in its own way, however is a step away from unexplained magic systems in standard RPG's

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Magic Defined

Magic is a powerful force that takes a large roll in the world of Aed, however it largely differs from most RPG values. Magic in this game follows a strict system of rules, so a majority of the "magic" is really not "magic" as most players would see. The three different schools of magic can be divided as such: Technomagic, Herbology, Ether.
TechnoMagic: Technomagic is a widely tabooed practice in most of Aed. A majority of society understands the great war, and what happened. They blame the technology of their previous civilization for bringing them nuclear destruction, so once society was able to stand up again, after 8'000 years, a ban was proposed for the practice of Technomagic. The practices that can fall into Technomagic include pretty much any use of computers, whether beneficial or not. Guns also fall into this category, however crossbows do not. There are more advanced uses of technology on this planet than our earth has seen, as such, Technomagic offers invisibility, explosions, mental manipulation, and sometimes sentience.
Herbology: Herbology is the practice of using nature to produce mysterious effects and afflictions. By using this, one can procure health potions, as well as poisons. This also allows better use of cooking, which is going to be a necessary activity for survival in the game. There are many unique plants in this planet, each one with several unique properties, leading to a beautiful alchemy system.
Ether: Ether is by far the most magical practice, and the most useful. Ether follows one essential principle, that all life is interconnected. By using this knowledge, the player can effectively use transfiguration, teleportation, as well as the shadows and the lights. Ether plays a massive role in this game, and a majority of the story takes place around this.
Aether vs Ether: Aether and Ether are essentially the same thing, but Aether is applying this concept to the unseen forces. Thinks like gravity would be considered Aether in this planet. A force that can't be physically grasped, and can't be physically used by humans, but they have a comprehension of its presence. Aether is way more powerful then Ether, however no man has ever harnessed Aether. Many creatures, like the Aedos for example, feed off Aether, which is mostly left behind on dead bodies. As a person dies, they have a mass release of Aether, creating an attraction of nearby creatures searching for energy to continue survival. Ether is released on will, and is less potent, however if practiced, it can become still incredibly dangerous.

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