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Update on how things are going and whats coming next!

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How is things going?

Just thought we would throw an update out there and keep you posted on what is what.

Well if you missed it we added Ouya to the list of systems we hope to release so look out for that one.

In terms of development it’s been semi quite Paul has been on holiday out and about but is now back so we should be back to normal as of next week. Other than that it’s been little bits of concept and getting the next stage of the tower done.

So whats next?

We added the skill system recently and me and Paul have played around with it and we also sent a copy to Nathan from Gamerscape so he could in his spare time test it out.

I and Paul have both looked at how the current skill system works and believe it’s too easy to spam the skills. We have decided to increase the cost of using them to help balance them out we want players to have 2 skills they use in battle but we want them to be more of a get out of trouble moment.

So we will be looking at increasing the cost of casting them to help balance this out.

Why 2 skills?

We settled on 2 in battle skills to better balance combat we originally designed it to have 4 skills but we felt it would make the combat to focus on using skills
instead of focusing on the core aspects.

so we settled on two skills, the two skills won’t always be combat related some might be defence based or healing based but we have limited it so in the end the combat is about you and enemy and learning attacks instead of popping your skills as fast as you can to kill enemies.

This doesn't mean you will only get 2 skills in total you will be able to equip some passives and also your weapon or shield could have a unique ability on it.

New enemies

Also coming post floor 20 will be new enemies to test your skills out at the moment I am working on a shield enemy that will probably upset you if you hit him while he blocks so you will have to pick your moment well with him.

Will also be putting in another enemy that can only be attacked if you block his attack so get working on your shield skills.

What happens when you die?

So currently when you die, you go back to start and try again. There is one thing missing to the start of the game that hopefully we will get into place soon.

I won’t explain what that is but I hope it will people do a double take.

Currently I haven't spoken about the story much to Eternal Step and this isn't because there is no story there is and part of it is already in the game you just need to look harder.

However there are a few things missing that I wish to put in which will hopefully make the player start to question what is actually going on.

No it’s not to save a princess!

Spirit left over

Also what will start to happen when you die is the spirit of yourself will be left behind on that floor so if you get back to floor expect to fight a spirit version of yourself. Yep just to make your life even harder.

The look of the tower!

Well I believe no one other than me and Paul has actually killed the boss but once killed you will move on to the next bit of the tower.

The tower is made from Magic on the outside it looks like a tower but inside it actually never ends and can look like anything.

Once past floor 20 you will start to see the tower shift in style. We are trying to make this happen in real-time so we are testing it currently.

What will happen is you will walk into a room and it will change before your eyes into a new style.

How will floors work what happens to floors 1 to 20?

If you have followed or listened to the Podcast I was in you'll know that I said that we create layouts currently there is more layouts then floors and what happens is every floor has a chance of picking a layout.

Once you get past floor 20 it will open up new layouts that will have a chance to appear. However the layouts designed between floors 1 to 20 will still have a chance of appearing.

This is why I designed it so enemies would possible learn new tricks to annoy you so you may be on floor 25 think I know this layout I know these enemies and they might just throw a curve ball at you.


So before the end of our Kickstarter we released the demo to anyone who went on it for the last few hours we wanted to say goodbye by allowing some people to try it out.

The demo however will be back once we have all the current systems in place.

We have added the skill system but it’s not fully in place as you can’t pick the skill you want before going into the tower.

Also monster cards are not currently in and I would like to have the trading system between cards set up.

Once those things are in I believe the demo will come out and we will start possible
selling early alpha access via our website to anyone who wants to support the
process and test the game.

In honestly it would be nice to get some people on board who will give us feedback so we
look forward to that in the future.


We also plan to showcase Eternal Step at Rezzed next year if Rezzed get round to responding
to my email :)

So keep your eyes on us and look forward to some more dev session videos and also such.

Gusto out

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