This is a Special Holiday update on Blue Dawn Donbass Conflict MOD

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In this Article we would like to showcase the work that has been done on BLUE DAWN recently.

As some of you may know already we are currently on holiday vacation,as we are taking a break we are still actively working on both mods, we would like to keep you up to date on our progress.



We have added a large number of entities to the mod since its beginning we have cleaned out unneeded assets and brought new ones into the mod of high quality.We have edited and retextured some structures even having created a number of entities/structures ourselves :)

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Our mappers are more than talented when using our new entity assets

(Note one or two objects in the scenes will be replaced)



Our Entire vehicle list has been finished as stated before,

we are currently configuring a few to run properly and also are tweaking mechanics for realism.

We have tons of realistic textures (camo) for our vehicles at the moment.

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Our most finished and detailed vehicles at the moment is our BTR & BMP family

BMP-1.BMP-2.BTR-60.BTR-70.BTR-80.Each individual vehicle has multiple models with different equipment.

Just as a reminder YES we will have aircraft.



Our Talented team of mappers are working hard to keep the battle raging in various types of terrain, from nations like grozny chechnya for our younger brother mod Blue Dawn:Rise of Nationality, to maps like Donetsk International Airport in Ukraine for Blue Dawn:Donbass conflict.

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the maps showcased here are Afghanistan for BlueDawn:Rise of Nationality & A currently in progress map by our mapper legend, UWO we also have maps from dan the strategist and venomess currently WIP.


Main Features

  • Reworked Supply System: We've added a new supply system so that it is actually vital to go resupply your units before they run out of ammo and fuel.
  • New Hitbox System: This system makes the place you hit on the body actually matter.
  • Reworked Body Armor System: Makes the usage of Body Armor important because it can save the soldiers life in critical moments.
  • Realistic Tanks: Controlling tanks will actually feel like they do in real life.
  • New Helicopter System: Your Helicopter will hover now like it is done in real life so they will be a real threat to ground forces.
  • Reworked Health System: Your soldier won't regenerate anymore like a terminator and bandages won't help a lot so it is actually vital to take good care of your soldiers and bring them to Medical HQ's before you get them killed.
  • Reworked Recoil/Accuracy System: This system will make your weapons feel like they have realistic recoil and make weapons feel much more immersive..
  • Reworked Weight System: Weight is now a real important factor because weight slows your units down by a lot and this might get your soldiers get killed if it is not properly handled.
  • Reworked Armor System: This system will make armor react differently to various kind of shells.
  • New Mortar System: Soldiers will now actually take cover when they hear a mortar flying in.
  • Random Texture System: With this system faces will be randomized to give you an immersive feeling to the game.
  • Reworked Weapon System: All weapons have been reworked so they have their real life fire rate, muzzle velocity and weight.
  • New Armies/Forces: We've added the Ukrainian Military and the United Armed Forces of Novorossiya to the game.
  • New Death Cries and Sounds: We've added sounds to the game that will make explosions and people dying sound much more realistic and scary.



Flag of Ukraine svgimagesDonetsk Peoples Republic flag

We truly appreciate all of the support and suggestions received and hope that soon, VERY SOON we will be able to share this amazing experience with the community and the world.

It has been a wild ride and we are nowhere near bored, we actually hope for more wildness. lol


wants to thank you all and remind you that you can achieve anything if you put effort and thought into it.

Sincerely Milehighkush.

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