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Since my mod is moving slowly, what will you want to see in the next release? Beta 3 will further fix bugs and changes. Just post any suggestions if you want that will only fit to mod. I need some SHP and voxel artists to join. If you're interested, contact me. I think beta 3 will be on Feburary, 2011, if not, it will drop to Q2, 2011...

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UPDATE:Here are the fix/changes for beta 3:
-Whisper Hovercraft will be removed
-Unit queue will be set to 99 from 30
-Grizzly Tank's attack speed decreases
-Dragon Missile Tank replaces Dragon Pyronite Tank
-New units: Gunboat and Dark Aura
-Working name for Yuri (from Upsilon)
-Some of new game modes will be appeared (from summary)
-Replacing Overlord voxel (Shadow Tank voxel replaced)
-Updating Soviet and Yuri gates
-Updating all 3 sides' sidebar
-Sniper's and Virus Maiden's range will slightly decreased
-Updating battlefield select background screen
-Barracuda can fire twice instead of once and the ammo loading increases
-Grizzly Battle Tank, Rhino Heavy Tank, and Lasher Light Tank will be rename to Grizzly Tank, Rhino Tank, and Lasher Tank respectively.
-The war elephant (which is going to use in campaigns) listed on veterans on USSR loading screen has been removed. (thanks to pythonking)

UPCOMING GAME MODES (For the next release):
-Color Blind: This mode, the team colors of the players are always red in battlefield. (Except for Neutrals.)
-Retro Mode: This mode, plays in Original C&C: Yuri's Revenge.
-Polyglower (EXCLUSIVE): This mode, each building has a lightpost.
-Mini-games mode (EXCLUSIVE): This mode featuring maps with tower defense, 1st-person shooter, etc.
-Crate War (Team Alliance): This mode featuring several crates available only in Team Alliance.
-Crate War CHAOS: The worst crate war mode ever seen.

-Tech Gauntlet (EXCLUSIVE): This mode, all country units become faster and stronger (like Sonic Power Tank X, Arch Cannon X, Black Wyrm X,...)

CONFIRMED NEW UNITS (For the next release):
-'Dark Aura' - Yuri's bombing fighter plane
-Gunboat - Light anti-infantry boat for all sides

-Dragon Missile Tank - Successor of Dragon Tank

...wait for the another fix/changes, that's all.

Happy New Year to all YR Players/Modders!
(OW Beta Logo: Dec., 2010.)

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