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A summary of what I've added to Native 2.1.1 and Native 2.1.2

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Update Log 05/07/17

1. I've added new starting equipment however if it does not show up in the starting scene it will be in your inventory

2. I've implemented freelancing which allows you to become a soldier in a vassal's army (One of the only ways to obtain a firearm)

3. I've added firearms however you cannot purchase them from towns as I believe that would be a little too overpowered. There are 4 at the moment; the Flintlock Pistol, the Musket, the Flintlock Rifle and the Flintlock Sniper Rifle. I haven't been able to texture them so they all have the default pistol mesh. Help would be great

4. I've added Damascus Steel Weapons (similar to valyrain steel from GoT) which can only be bought from towns. They are extremely rare and expensive but are worth the money as most of them have buffs against shield and most can also ignore shields

5. Other items I've added include; The Longsword, the Castle Forged Sword, the Flail, the Broadsword, three more types of arrows, two more types of bolts, the Recurve Bow, the Crank Crossbow, the Arakh, the Halberd, another poleaxe and the Executioner's Sword

6. The only new armor so far is the Adventurer's Tunic the new starting armor. More will be coming

7. I've added two more horses: the Nord Horse and the Castle Bred Horse. The Castle Bred Horse is probably one of the best horses in the game now being the fastest horse available in towns

8. I've redone the Nord and Sarranid Troop Trees adding gunners and other faction specialists. Some include the Shieldmaiden for the Nords and the Jannisaries for the Sarranids. I've also added calvary to the Nords since they didn't have any in Native

9. I've added new mercenaries like the Hedge Knight and Landless Knight. These two could be difficult to find as they upgrade from Squires, another new troop. You can obtain these new mounted tanks from training peasants, townsmen and watchmen.

That is it so far :D I plan to redo the Rhodok and Bandit troop trees next update. I already have two ideas for new weapons as well and look out for some easter eggs in the next update. I am open to ideas but I am only 14 so I have little programming expeience and this is my first mod. Good luck in your adventures :D

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